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A few years back I was photographing a Rehearsal Dinner in a Country Club, a day before the Wedding Day. It was a small gathering with family and friends and suddenly some relatives of the Groom started sharing their speeches. They didn’t have a videographer, it was only me as a photographer, but my camera had video capabilities and I had the best intentions to hit the red button. So, I decided to record those speeches by the Mother of the Groom and his sister, which included nice memories from his childhood and you could tell much love was in that family through those words. I wasn’t prepared to capture those emotional moments with the necessary gear of a videographer, but I knew they were moments and emotions that deserved to be captured and documented on video because it is a treasure for every family. After that day, I wanted not only to be a photographer, but also a videographer that can help tell a story like this one.

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