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  • 5550 Bluff Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46217, USA
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Although my parents were never very musically inclined, my love of music started very early in my life. There was a piano in my living room and I was able to pick out countless songs on the keys, without having received a formal lesson. In school, I found myself playing percussion in the orchestra and band. By the age of 19, I finally landed my first job “in music” at Blockbuster Music. Blockbuster Music was different than other music stores at the time, because you could open a CD and listen to it prior to purchase. This allowed me to listen to every CD in the building, and my goal became to learn every track! While working at Blockbuster Music, I met a man named Lee Carlisle. Mr. Carlisle owned a DJ service called Disc Jockeys, Inc. and he would visit me to find the latest hits. He knew that I had listened to the entire store and could find the “clean” versions of popular songs. Soon he offered me a job with his company and my DJ career was off and running!

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Travis Bell
  • 5550 Bluff Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46217, USA
  • 317-889-3780



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