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The Hidden Garden is a collection of amazing people. Everything we accomplish here is a collaboration of talents that makes us a truly dynamic studio. From wedding designs, event flowers and daily floral deliveries, to hotel & office flowers; it’s not just one person who makes it happen, it’s a team effort. These are just a few of the amazing people that work at the HG.

Hi! I’m Amy, the owner of The Hidden Garden. This floral studio started in 1999 as a “little flower shop” with the sole inspiration to make people happy via beautiful flower arrangements.I started with minimal flower experience but I had the passion for flowers, the vision for beauty and the determination to make The Hidden Garden the best floral studio in Los Angeles.

I am here 20 years later with an amazing company that is so much MORE than just a flower shop. Who knew that one tiny floral arrangement would blossom (yes pun intended) into a phenomenal design studio with such a strong presence in Los Angeles. Everyday, I marvel at the fact that I am so fortunate to have built such incredible relationships with so many of our clients.

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Amy Marella


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