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It is so important that every aspect of your wedding experience is documented. Your story, told thoughtfully and artfully, showcasing your individual personality as a couple, rich with the flavor of your very own special & unique love. Look no further my friend … this is my JAM and my profound privilege.

Look at it like this… your love letter to all of the planning, stress, money & time spent will be these photographs. They will tell your story. Your beautiful, colorful, moody, emotional and everything in between story. I want to tell your story with images that make your memories come alive with with joy … On your one year anniversary and just as vividly and alive with emotion on your 50th anniversary.

Annnnnnd, not to toot my own horn or anything (toot! toot!) but I have been told I am like the Yoda of helping with awkward peeps in front of the camera! I have my ways to deal, don’t worry, we will have soooo much fun! (Even if both of you are usually awkward as ass when you get your picture taken ! 🙂

Also, I think its fairly obvious that I am obsessed with dogs…Yup..So if you love dogs too then we definitely need to talk, because we are destined for each other!

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