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We are a husband and wife photography team based in Fresno CA! We have our two fur babies and our two human babies who always keep us busy and entertained. How we got here all started with a 5 hour Panera lunch together (I’m not even really sure we ate). But that lunch would lead to tea, then to haircuts, then to bible studies, then to moving miles and miles apart, then to moving states apart… and somehow right back in that Panera booth where it all started.

About Kasey
Kasey loves more, and harder than anyone you’ll ever meet. Mention anything Christmas, party planning, decorating, or renovating and you’ll immediately be speaking her love language. She is a dreamer of all things, but mostly about what our country life will look like with all the goats, chickens, dogs, and wrap around porch. She is the Queen of figuring out the bad guy or who done it for any show/movie(probably due to her background in watching all the CSIs), and she is also our local doctor thanks to Meredith Grey. Lastly, Kasey is one of the most competitive people I know… we are probably competing right now, and I don’t even know it.

About Stephen
Stephen is a taco enthusiast, a documentary junkie, and a theology lover. He’s the kind of A+ dad who’s always running through the sprinklers and having wrestling matches for hours on end. He’s the most loyal, the most caring, and the most fun. He’ll never say no to an adventure and is always on board with my crazy ideas. He thrives in awkward situations and also loves to make awkward situations. He’s the king of turning hard situations into fun ones and is the designated calmer downer of our family (we’re all cray). He’s the go with the flow, make everyone smile, calm energy guy that everyone needs in life.

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