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I’m grace; the owner, filmmaker and editor behind ricker films. I’ve been capturing weddings in and around the northeast florida area for over six years.

I come from a marketing and television background, but began filming weddings on the side back in 2014. The emotions, the fun, the excitement – so many different feelings mixed in to one single day, I quickly became passionate about this kind of storytelling and knew this was what I wanted to solely focus on.

My goal is to capture the real, organic moments as they unfold throughout the day, while also adding in some cinematic elements. If there’s anything I want you to take away from my films, it’s that no two films are alike – just like every couple and wedding is unique in their own way, every film of mine is too!

I may ask you to twirl, kiss or dance here and there – but it’s only to make you both look like rock stars. Also, there’s a really good chance I’ll eat a piece of cake.

Best. Job. Ever.

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Grace Ricker



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