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Don’t you love bios? It’s normally the person bragging about everything they’ve accomplished and how cool they are.

Talking about myself is so much less awkward when it’s done over a latte and we’re having a two way conversation. So let me tell you a little bit now and when we sit and talk, I can fill in the blanks as you tell me your story as well!

First thing. I’m personal. I guess you’d call me an extrovert. I love to photograph moments and people.

And my wife is amazing. Heather loves photographing the details. She culls and edits our weddings and keeps the books for the business. I think she spends the majority of her time reminding me to finish one project before starting a new one.

She’s focused. I’m ADD. We work really well together!

As you can imagine, being that I’m a people person, documenting weddings is the best job for me since I get an almost constant flow of new people to meet. I never get tired of the amazing celebretory energy I feel at weddings! It’s contagious!

Also, I love my clients. I really do. What better way to prove that than to show you the photos below!

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