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NOLA Beauty is a trendsetting Online portal for all your fashion and beauty haircare needs. Specializing in Bridal, Film/set Hairstyling, I have dedicated my career into making my dreams a reality one client at a time.

Having a background in Fashion Design/Merchandising from the University of Louisiana of Lafayette, and always being a creative artist, I jumped started my career in the beauty industry as a licensed professional from John Jay Beauty College (New Orleans,La). Working in the industry, I have had the opportunity to intern and also mentor a variety of other leading professionals that has led me to creating my own Beauty Brand “NOLA Beauty.”

Combining the beauty of the city of ‘Nawlins” with my level of expertise in clean, sophisticated style. I offer a wide variety of services to a diverse clientele which is said makes the city so unique! Wheather is be your special day or behind a lens, you will have the confidence in knowing you’re being taken care of by the best in the Industry.

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Christina Michelle


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