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I am a Wisconsin born cheese head. Got my start with photography back in the early 1990’s toiling in the high school dark room dark ages under dim red lights with d76 stopbath and fixer. Always loved photographing people, and when digital SLR’s came out after I finished college, taking pictures became a heck of a lot easier.

Shooting weddings became sort of a natural progression for me. I really enjoy people, and creating portraits, and capturing moments in a compressed pressure situation is fun and challenging. I am not afraid to herd the cats, and make magic happen in a short amount of time, and I like to think i might be one of the most time efficient photographers around.

I try to utilize my full arsenal of techniques on wedding day. i carry two cameras, external strobes, and try to make sure i hit all my bases to capture great light and expression and pay attention to detail, environment, directional light and compositional elements throughout the day. Its always a different dynamic for every particular wedding, and after 15ish years of doing this and 500ish weddings, I have pretty much seen everything. I often travel for weddings. i have shot weddings in Canada and numerous beach weddings in Mexico, but most often I travel back to the midwest where my roots are. Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota are generally the spots that I fly back to, and it gives me a chance to visit with family and friends who are now spread out all over the place.

I am a huge packer fan. I bought a 1967 ford f250 a few years ago and completely rehauled it to be a packer truck. Aaron Rodgers is the greatest thing to ever happen to Wisconsin sports and my dream job would be to someday shoot his wedding. A guy can dream right?

My wife Jodi and I live in Oro Valley, and are parents to two beautiful little turkeys, Kaleb and Verdana. They keep us on our toes!

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