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My love for flowers arose from designing my wedding. The beauty of flowers transformed my dream into an incredibly romantic reality. I found the experience so rewarding I decided to make Floral design not only my passion but also my profession.

For what could be a more significant creative pursuit than bringing a couple’s love story to life through personalized floral design on their best day ever? Thus in 2018, I left a successful career as a fashion designer to start Mirabel Floral Design.

The name “Mirabel” is my daughter’s middle name and means “wondrous beauty” in Latin. One of our favorite hobbies is planting flowers while singing to the birds in our garden. I believe that flowers are magical. They can transform a space, evoke a feeling, and enhance a moment. My designs are devoted to highlighting the fine art elements of nature’s beauty through color, shape, texture, movement, and seasonality.

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