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Erich Valo

I love to photograph weddings, and am lucky to have been a wedding and engagement photographer for over a decade. I have also worked in advertising and editorial photography, but there’s something unique about the energy and beauty of weddings. I am honored to meet and work with so many great couples, their families, and friends on such an important day.

I’ve found that being a wedding photographer isn’t just about capturing great images, but is also about supporting the couple to make sure they can relax and have fun on their day. I enjoy being able to be a bride’s confidant or to help a groom to perfect his Windsor knot. I enjoy working with each couple to ensure that the details and warmth of their event are captured. Photography creates a way for couples to share and look back on the joy of their day. Getting to document that happiness is perhaps the most fulfilling part of wedding photography.

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Erich Valo



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