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It all started as a broke college kid
“Allow myself to introduce… myself.” (hehehe) It all began way back in college… I brought some cheesecakes to my step-dad after I tweaked and eventually developed my own recipe. I was studying Culinary Arts at Scottsdale Culinary Institute, and started becoming more passionate about baking. I was able to modify recipes to suit my likes and things people request but never knew were possible. Long story short, and to tie it all together, I was getting regular requests for the 40+ unique cheesecake flavors I had created , and the other sweet confectionaries (redundant on purpose) I had to offer.

Continuing my growing passion for baking as a side endeavor while working at various restaurants in Arizona and New Mexico, I kept thinking I needed to chase my dream. I married my husband in July of 2014 and with his support, I decided to make this a full-time gig. Now, I am enjoying making beautiful and unique cakes and desserts for MANY happy customers!

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Kerian Meyerson


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