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Hey, I’m John! Nice to meet you. If you’re wondering who’s behind the camera, you came to the right place. To sum myself up in an “about me” section is nearly impossible, but here are a few things you must know.

My wife has deemed me a “cuddle bear” or, to better put it “King of the Cuddle Cubs.” The Cuddle Cubs you ask? That would include my two beautiful children + wife. What a lovely kingdom I have. And in natural cuddle cub fashion, I’m very passionate and emotional about every wedding I shoot. Trust me if your wedding has all the feels I will be there crying with you (father/daughter dances always hit me in the feels ?). I’m a total nerd. If you want to talk video games, anime, or computers, we HAVE to sit down for coffee (and make sure it’s a long meeting). And I’m a music snob. Jazz, Rnb, Electronic Ambient, and Chillhop is pretty much all I listen to. (Yes vinyl, please. Yes, full albums no singles, please.) ?

The reason I gravitate towards wedding photography is that I love to support others. And what better way to be in a support role than to help someone celebrate one of the most special moments of their lives. I want to be the Lúcio to your team comp (if you play Overwatch you get me). I want to see you all have a fantastic time, and I want you to look back at your pictures and feel the day. And that’s me. Let’s connect and share this special moment of your life together!

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