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I’m a freckled-nosed red head, Pennsylvania-born, Wisconsin-grown girl who finds herself in the South. And I’ve made it home in a little brick house with a patch of land to fill with thrift-store finds, house plants, and a bull dog named Luna.

I am learning to be a better gardener. I love baking fresh bread on Saturday mornings (but not as much as I love eating it), and you can find me gripping a cup of coffee nine times out of ten.

This whole thing sort of just happened by accident. I didn’t go to school for photography or even business. I was an English major. I liked books, long ones that smelled old and inviting. My cup of tea is 19th century British Literature (Jane Eyre eats Twilight for breakfast). Regardless of the era, I really like stories – reading them, writing them, and watching them. I think that is why I like photography, because I get to do just that.

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