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wedding photographer | storyteller

My mission statement is to capture the beauty of living in natural art.

To me, I am not a photographer at all, a camera is just a tool. It’s more about the message, the story, the feeling, and the connection. The magic is in honesty, simplicity, and being authentic. It’s about the power of the spirit and the soul.

My entire life’s journey, I have been in training to make this my dharma. Jenny Losee Photography was founded in 2011 and I have had the honor of shooting about 65 – 75 weddings in that time. I have had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing humans and travel to the most beautiful places. It has taught me to slow down and observe as well as fall completely in love with nature and storytelling.

I want my photos to resonate 50 years from now, to be timeless. I’ve had the honor to work in a plethora of environments and locations—from an outdoor wedding in a sudden thunderstorm to a couple on the top of a snowy mountain, and everything in between. No matter the location or circumstance, I’m in tune with how to best capture portraits and details that feel authentic and bring out the unique beauty and personality of each couple.

While every wedding is different, my approach always begins with communication and planning. My main goal is to make sure that leading up to and on the wedding day, my clients don’t have to worry about the photography. I want them to enjoy and be present, and trust me to take care of the rest. I work closely with the planning and creative teams to collaboratively provide our clients with the absolute best.

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