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Jane’s Roses is a family-owned business which similar to a blossoming flower, started from a single seed; a concept novelty idea. More than 20 years ago I was encouraged to birthday gift my wife a legal license to share her personal hobby and interest with her friends and local community-her love for flowers and her vision for beautiful floral arrangements. My name is Ilya and my wife is Jane; neither one of us could have possibly imagined that someday Jane’s customers would persuade her to partake in the floral business fulltime and to create a career out of her passion-but when the line of willing clients continued to grow and grow beyond Jane’s handle, we made a family decision to go into business for ourselves and to work side-by-side: with Jane being the chief floral designer and me holding down the back office, the logistics.

Twenty-plus years later Jane’s Roses FDS has grown into a floral design studio with tens of employees, dozens of weekly accounts, more than 50 weddings each year, and countless professional functions on monthly basis-and we could not have accomplished any of this without the support and encouragement from you: our friends and our community-and for this, we deeply and sincerely thank you! Our company goal for the future coincides with our present business model: to create attractive and unique floral designs which will continue to satisfy our clients-ranging from local business owners, to wedding parties, event organizers, and our everyday patrons who simply want beautiful flowers for themselves or to share with someone they love. We have always placed our customer service above all other business priorities; because at all times we want to be certain that our clients receive precisely what they’ve envisioned in their floral arrangements, we’re glad to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee-to us, this is the only honest way to lead a family business which bears our name.

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