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We believe that every couple has a story that is unique and defines your relationship. A story that you write together. A story that begins with the day you met, your first date, the moment you knew that you were destined to be hand in hand forever, and the day you said “Yes”. Now another story is about to begin, a new chapter or your life. It is the story of the day you say “I do”.

Our lives are moments in time. Moments that we prepare for, enjoy and reflect upon the rest our life. Our craft at Oracle Weddings is capturing those moment and telling the story of your day. Our story artists have a unique “hands off” approach to maintaining the authentic style of your day through poetic imagery. Our primary objective is to capture the essence and personality of your friends, family, loved ones and those who are the most important in your life. Sprinkled around the tears and laughter is the elegance of your bridal gown, the beauty of the flowers, the decorative majesty of the ballroom and all of the details of your day, capturing your complete wedding experience.

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