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I am ordained as a non-denominational minister and serve all faiths, traditions, beliefs, and orientations because I know that we are all united at the heart and speak the same language of love.

One of my grooms expressed his appreciation for his wedding ceremony with an eloquent description that actually speaks to my true intention as an officiant. He said, “You are a guide of hearts, a director of love, and a producer of poems.” Whether you are wanting a simpler custom ceremony or a most elaborate celebration, this is where I come from. This is my calling.

I spent many years traveling the world and living in different countries in various phases of my life as a designer, a videographer, and a student of meditation and spirituality. I became fascinated with ancient ritual and cultural expressions of celebration. As a result, I am able to create and offer so many different perspectives for your celebration. I am particularly skilled in creating ceremonies for inter-faith and inter-cultural couples.

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