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It’s sometimes hard to explain what I do as a filmmaker. Most have an idea about what a wedding film is – the length, style, content – but I care much more about what a wedding film does. Good ones, in my opinion, grant you an experience. That experience is fluid and differs from person to person, but at its core is the ability to make you truly feel – the heart racing, deep-down-in-your-gut type of feel.

Whether it’s the emotions you had on your wedding day or reflecting on how your relationship has grown since, I use the medium of film as the vessel to provide that experience. I’m incredibly passionate about crafting that for the couples I work with and can’t imagine anything more rewarding.

My process involves a personal, in-depth consultation to collaboratively build a plan for your film and ensure it meets your wedding-day vision. I am not a production company with an editing staff – I craft every Carl S. Miller film myself, tailor-made for you.

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