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We Hope Our Clients Choose Us Based On Our Designs, Experience, And Personality.

Ash + Oak Was Born From Ashley’s Desire To Create Something With Her Hands And Follow In Her Father’s Footsteps As An Entrepreneur. Studying Fashion And Art, She Knew The Standard Office Job Was Not Going To Cut It. Loving All Things Nature, Fast Pace, And Beautiful, When She Discovered She Could Work With Flowers As A Profession, Well, It Was A Done Deal. With Blood, Sweat, And Little Sleep, Ashley Created Ash + Oak. About 3 Years In, Katie Walked Into Ashley’s Pop-up, And Boom, The Business Was Complete. They Love Talking About How They First Met – Just Ask And They Will Spill! No, They Are Not Romantically Involved, But They Have Become Best Friends And Lifelong Business Partners.

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