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In this age of social distancing and staying at home, you’ve probably found yourself spending more time with your spouse with little chance for a much-needed night on the town, or even a simple dinner out.

Sure, you might enjoy this extra time binging on Netflix and eating delivery on the couch together; but sooner or later, you’re both going to need an unforgettable romantic escape. At the Married Couples Event, hosted by Amorous Weddings and Events, you and your partner will join a small group of other married couples in a break from the mundane, day-in and day-out routine of staying home to wine and dine in a socially distant and safe environment.

Now in its second year, the Married Couples Event is offering happily married couples the chance to not only celebrate each other, but an opportunity to experience the kind of five-star treatment typically found only at the highest quality resorts, swankiest venues and top restaurants.

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