Because in Swahili, it means “to tell each other”,
Because this word denotes softness, has a story to tell and its value becomes meaningful on your wedding day,
Because it mirrors ambiance, the one we will conceive for your event.

Maud, the designer…
Ambiana is the story of a passionate designer …
After having combined for 5 years the profession of wedding planner and floral designer, my time is now dedicated solely to flowers.
I love flowers for their nuances, their infinite potential for creativity, for their movement, and, above all for the feelings they impart. Sensitive to others and to beautiful emotions, I wish to interact through these elements. Each project is therefore completely custom built and aims to capture your story. I pay particular attention to our exchanges. They allow me to make your expectations mine. It is with my heart and creativity that I then unravel your wishes, imagine your floral decor to stage what you have envisioned. Attentive to the beautiful, I will offer you nothing but the best.

The studio…
My creative area, my lair that works only in music, it is here that I bring your bouquets to life.

I love equally the most elegant of roses, or the lightest of flowers. Whatever the variety, they will always be seasonal and, to the extent possible, locally grown. Selecting the elements, assembling them, starting all over again when the association is not convincing. Each one of my compositions is made with consideration to offer you the right tone.

It is also where I collect a variety of containers. Vases plucked from flea markets in France, others inspired by my travels, each piece has been carefully selected. They must take on the character of a bouquet and consolidate its imprint. Thus, associations are always studied to be in perfect coherence with your universe.

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