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Growing up, I always dreamed of what it would be like to be older, cooler, and “have it all together.” When I discovered that being older was not really cooler and was not all I had cracked it up to be, I felt like I had missed the years of letting myself be the age that I was. I felt that I wasn’t enough at my stage, and longed for when I would be complete — then I was sure I’d have it ALL. When this did not turn out to be true, I missed and longed for those years of my life back to embrace trying new things, making mistakes, and playing.

Then I got brave for a moment and tried something new. I became a pole-vaulter. Trying new things was not my jam, I avoided all situations that would make me feel less than, not enough, and really imperfect. I told my mom from a young age, if I couldn’t do it perfect the first time, why try… but pole vault was my avenue that taught me it is not about the record, or success or even getting it perfect. It’s about embracing life and soaking up all it has to offer. Instead of living in the “not yet” I began living in the “here-and-now” which allowed me to see what life has to offer. This is what I want to offer to you…embracing the here-and-now, even with the yin-and-yang of it all, if we don’t take it in whole, we don’t get any of it.

This also led me to more self-compassion and self-acceptance; in order to live in the here-and-now I had to accept what was right in front of me. Photography had been a smoldering passion for years. I’ve always found that creativity brings a sort of peace to my life, but when I discovered photography, I fell in love. My love for creativity and my love for people collided. I’ve discovered that imagery helps us fill in the gaps when words fall short. It helps us be present.

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