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Adrian Stecker, Professional Portrait and Wedding Photograph, Actor Represented by The Clutts Agency

Adrian Stecker, based in Dallas, TX is an aspiring editorial photographer and actor. He began his photography career shortly after graduation from the University of Texas at Arlington where he received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts. He has worked with numerous signed models and actors represented by agencies in Texas, New York City, and Los Angeles.

Adrian’s passion for photography began shortly after graduation when he was given his first camera by his loving parents as a gift. He has been thriving in the industry now for over two years and continues to grow his passion for creating striking images.

Adrian believes that the most important aspect of photography is storytelling. He strives to create images that evoke something from within and tells the viewer more than what’s just presented straight from the camera. One of his favorite things to see are his clients expressions after viewing a portrait of themselves. He can see their whole inner perspective change instantly. It’s a humbling experience.

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