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My life would be a lot more difficult if it wasn’t for a small team of loving photographers that assist me during most wedding days. Together we both document and experience the butterflies, raw emotions, and ephemeral moments, at times glancing at one another over the camera, sharing in the feelings that a wedding day inevitably brings. Over the years, I have become close friends with almost every single assistant I have hired. They are all friendly yet professional.

Meet Megan, Colleen, Sam, and Allison.

As a team we wear many hats. We keep an eye on the details, see if a groom’s suit is unbuttoned or a bridesmaid’s dress is wrinkled, lug gear in and out of venues, wrangle and amuse family members during the family portraits in church. We switch off having the freedom to take the creative angle photos with specialty art lenses. We have a saying: Take 2 photos to cover the situation and then get weird and creative with the 3rd one. I trust my assistants judgement and trained eye to be artistic while gracefully nailing the important moments. My assistants are my family at a wedding.

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