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Hospitality has always been my calling. It all started in high school where my advanced cooking class catered events. I can still remember our first event, under the direction of my amazing cooking teacher, mrs. Delprete. Our guests were so incredibly impressed and happy with the job we had done, I felt so happy and proud. This is the feeling I still get when I plan successful and joyful weddings.

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People often describe as me an old soul, maybe they are right, I was only eight years old when I decided the golden girls was my favorite show ever. I am also a lover of all animals and have a wonderful fabulous dachshund named poppy lou. Being creative keeps me happy from knitting to sewing to painting. I also love cooking and have helped my family throw elaborate dinner parties and holiday events ever since I can remember, happy memories include my sister insisting we try all food before the guests came over to “make sure it was good enough for human consumption.”

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