The Bridal Gallery Sioux Falls is one of the most sought after bridal shops to be found in and around the local area, with a collection of gowns that can speak to the desires and aesthetic sensibilities of virtually any bride-to-be. The Bridal Gallery Sioux Falls offers items including wedding gowns and plus size dresses, bridesmaid dresses, accessories, tuxedos, and other such offerings. This makes the Bridal Gallery Sioux Falls a versatile and notable shop for any and all bridal needs, with gowns available off the rack as well as from designer collections. No matter what a bride-to-be is in the market for, she’s sure to find it at the Bridal Gallery Sioux Falls.

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Address: 3101 S Carolyn Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57106

Phone: 605-362-9603

Facebook: Bridal Gallery Sioux Falls

Instagram: Bridal Gallery Sioux Falls

Contact : Ashley

When it comes to bridal salons across Sioux Falls and beyond, Marie and Marie Bridal is a can’t-go-wrong choice of shop to visit. Marie and Marie Bridal can schedule appointments in advance of a wedding dress purchase, and these appointments can receive the attention of an on-site professional; up to five guests can join a typical bridal shopping appointment. Designer collections abound at Marie and Marie Bridal, with lines including Tara Lauren, Badgley Mischka, Blush by Hayley Paige, Calla Blanche, Theia, and L’Amour. A variety of off the rack dresses are also available for sale at Marie and Marie Bridal, for brides hoping to keep costs down.

Collections: Checkout their collection

Address: 229 S Phillips Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Phone: 605-206-5773

Facebook: Marie and Marie Bridal

Instagram: Marie and Marie Bridal

Contact : Erin Rallis

Ellie Stone Bridal is a luxurious bridal salon featuring gowns in a vast array of sizes, shapes, and styles. Ellie Stone Bride is located in Sioux Falls, and this charming retail outlet offers sizes 4-18 in addition to a limited number of dresses in sizes 20-26. Designer gowns can be purchased in a size from 0-32, ensuring that brides-to-be can shop at this store no matter their proportions. Ellie Stone Bride offers a fully bespoke experience, with the team of bridal specialists and professionals on staff providing a beautifully affirming experience for the bride-to-be. Bridesmaid dresses and accessories can also be purchased while shopping at Ellie Stone Bride. 

Collections: Checkout their collection

Address: 6205 S Old Village Pl, Sioux Falls, SD 57108

Phone: 605-332-8841

Facebook: Ellie Stone Bride

Instagram: Ellie Stone Bride

Contact : Kalli & Tim

For a wedding dress that speaks to the elegance and romance of the celebration and the tradition itself, Bride to Bride Wedding Co. is a Sioux Falls-based bridal shop that can make for the perfect dress shopping experience. Bride to Bride Wedding Co. keeps over 500 new and pre-owned wedding dresses in stock, with thousands of decor items and accessories available for purchase as well. Bride to Bride Wedding Co. offers discounted dresses that have never been worn, meaning that the brides-to-be shopping at this Sioux Falls store will be able to purchase brand new dresses at the price that a used dress might be sold for otherwise. For brides-to-be looking to save on the dress, this is a great shop to visit.

Collections: Checkout their collection

Address: 4301 S Racket Dr, Sioux Falls, SD 57106

Phone: 605-271-2905

Facebook: Bride to Bride Wedding Co.

Contact : Bride to Bride Team

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Now that you’ve checked out our list of the top bridal salons to be found across Sioux Falls, South Dakota and beyond, we hope that you feel confident to take a big step forward in your wedding planning process and schedule an appointment with one of the above bridal boutiques! After all, with your wedding date slowly approaching and the clock slowly ticking, now is the time to start sampling what you might be looking for in a gown and looking for it among your many fantastic local options. With all that said, we wish you lots of luck with your ongoing wedding planning process and with finding the wedding gown that will make you feel as beautiful as you really, truly are.

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