Camille’s of Wilmington is an elegant wedding dress shop featuring a bevy of wedding gowns that can add a feel of romance and opulence to any marriage ceremony. Camille’s of Wilmington offers bridal and bridesmaid dresses in addition to accessories, tuxedos, items for the mother of the bride, and services including gown preservation and alterations. With all of these services and items grouped together in one shop, Camille’s of Wilmington is a must-stop destination for local women searching for the perfect getup for their upcoming wedding celebration.

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Address: 7134 Market St, Wilmington, NC 28411

Phone: 910-471-4212

Facebook: Camille's of Wilmington

Instagram: Camille's of Wilmington

Contact : Angela & Joanne

Look no further than Beautiful Brides Of Wilmington for a gorgeous bridal salon stocked with a vast variety of available bridal items. Beautiful Brides Of Wilmington offers individual appointments on a reservation basis, and it is recommended that gowns be ordered up to eight months in advance, with some designers requiring that long and other designers needing only two months or less. Gowns off the rack can be purchased, meaning that brides won’t have to wait for the arrival of their dress, and they’ll be able to save a whole lot of money in the process.

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Address: 894 S Kerr Ave #4, Wilmington, NC 28403

Phone: 910-395-0052

Facebook: Beautiful Brides Of Wilmington

Instagram: Beautiful Brides Of Wilmington

Contact : Beautiful Brides Of Wilmington Team

Coastal Knot Bridal is one of the most luxurious wedding dress shops to be found across Wilmington and beyond. Coastal Knot Bridal offers a variety of gowns in a wide selection of prices, meaning that brides-to-be from all walks of life can almost certainly find a gown in this shop that will meet their aesthetic and financial needs. Appointments should be scheduled in advance of a visit to Coastal Knot Bridal, though walk-ins can occasionally be accommodated depending on the business of the day. Trunk shows are often held at Coastal Knot Bridal, allowing gowns to purchase discounted designer gowns.

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Address: 1616 Shipyard Blvd Suite 1, Wilmington, NC 28412

Phone: 910-754-9300

Facebook: Coastal Knot Bridal

Instagram: Coastal Knot Bridal

Contact : Coastal Knot Bridal Team

When it comes to bridal salon services, few local bridal shops tend to their clients’ needs with the responsiveness and professionalism of The Dressing Room. The Dressing Room offers an array of convenient amenities and services in addition to the wedding dresses on sale, including day-of coordination for the wedding day, formal dresses for members of the bridal party, distinctive outfits for the flower girls. Budget-friendly prices and unique consignment items and discontinued gowns are made available off the rack at The Dressing Room.

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Address: 5629 Oleander Drive # 104, Wilmington, NC 28403

Phone: 910-233-8240

Instagram: The Dressing Room

Contact : The Dressing Room Team

David’s Bridal is a trusted national brand with a charming location in Wilmington that can provide any and all things that a bride-to-be could need for her look on her upcoming wedding celebration date. David’s Bridal – Wilmington is well stocked with gowns in styles and fits including petite, tall, mermaid, trumpet, A-line, lace, long sleeved, sheath, short, and other such offerings. David’s Bridal – Wilmington also offers bridesmaid dresses, formal gowns for fancy events, accessories, shoes, and various small decor items. With all of these convenient offerings, David’s Bridal – Wilmington can take a wedding day look and atmosphere from ordinary to extraordinary. 

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Address: 6865 Monument Dr, Wilmington, NC 28405

Phone: 910-509-4039

Facebook: David's Bridal - Wilmington

Instagram: David's Bridal - Wilmington

Contact : David's Bridal Team

A fabulous local bridal salon with over 1,000 dresses kept in stock day to day, Caprizant is a great choice for a bride-to-be in Wilmington planning her upcoming nuptials. Caprizant keeps a variety of formal gowns and wedding dresses in the shop as well as shoes, accessories, and other resale items. Caprizant is best known for its affordability, making the variety of gowns and other items in the shop accessible to brides-to-be at various levels of financial and budgetary stability; the lower prices here are due to the nature of Caprizant as a consignment and resale shop, locally owned and expertly managed. 

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Address: 3135 Wrightsville Ave, Wilmington, NC 28403

Phone: 910-769-1023

Facebook: Caprizant

Instagram: Caprizant

Contact : Michelle & Amanda

ZIA Boutique is a charming bridal salon in Wilmington with a great reputation when it comes to pairing local women with their dream dresses. ZIA Boutique offers bridal services with a series of elegant gowns available for purchase in the shop, but bridal gowns are not the central service offered at this local clothing shop. ZIA Boutique is a one-stop shop for a vast array of elegant dresses, clothes, and other such items for everyday use; bridal gowns are available, but this boutique is a great choice of shop for a bride in conjunction with various other members of her party looking for a variety of outfits.

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Address: 1113 Military Cutoff Rd A, Wilmington, NC 28405

Phone: 910-679-4101

Facebook: ZIA Boutique

Instagram: ZIA Boutique

Contact : ZIA Boutique Team

Check out Isaura’s Boutique for a luxurious bridal salon located in Wilmington. Isaura’s Boutique is a small local shop with a unique flair, providing wonderful dresses for weddings and other types of celebrations, and the bilingual services in English and Spanish offered by this shop make it accessible to clients of a variety of walks of life and different backgrounds. Isaura’s Boutique offers alteration services for gowns purchased in the shop, meaning that brides won’t have to run from shop to shop to receive the services they need.

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Address: 251 S Kerr Ave Unit C, Wilmington, NC 28403

Phone: 910-550-8570

Facebook: Isaura’s Boutique

Instagram: Isaura’s Boutique

Contact : Isaura’s Boutique Team

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Now that you’ve looked through our list of the top eight bridal salons to be found across Wilmington, North Carolina and beyond, we hope that you feel just a little bit more confident to advance forward in your wedding planning process. While purchasing a wedding dress can be a truly momentous occasion, we want to encourage you to take your time to figure out what kind of gown will work best for you; since a wedding dress is just one of those classic, traditional images of the wedding day that will last long into the future, we hope that you really take the time to sort out how you want to look and feel on the big day. With all that said, we wish you all the luck in the world with your ongoing wedding planning process!

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