Nilou Weddings can offer a full package of wedding planning and officiating services. She loves nothing more than to incorporate her love for the small details, the elements of design and celebrating love and commitment. Her specialty is in fusing cultures and creating mixed ceremonies that highlight family’s beliefs and expectations. Nilou is the San Francisco go-to wedding planner for her vast experience in Persian and Iranian weddings.

Officiant Style: Civil, Non-Religious, Interfaith

Price: Upon Request

Location: San Francisco CA, 94101

Phone: (408) 659-6133

Facebook: Nilou Weddings

Profile: Nilou Weddings

Contact : Nilou

Lynnea Brinkerhoff and her associates at Heartfelt Ceremonies will be delighted to honor your commitment to one another. She is happy to incorporate all of your ideas and supply some of her own based on your special day’s preferences and vision. Speak to them about how best they can highlight your personality into a ceremony that will solemnly define your commitment to life and love.

Officiant Style: Civil, Non-Religious, Interfaith, Spiritual

Price: $120+

Location: San Francisco, CA

Phone: (203) 913-7398

Facebook: Heartfelt Ceremonies

Profile: Heartfelt Ceremonies

Contact : Lynnea Brinkerhoff

Ceremonies for Sacred Days is led by Shyamala Littlefield, a non-denominational minister who has been creating and performing wedding ceremonies for over ten years.

She specializes in interfaith and intercultural couples who would like to blend their backgrounds into a unique ceremony that highlights and honors their worldly beliefs. Elopements start from $200, and a complete, personalized ceremony is $1000, including the ceremony, rehearsal, and travel fees.

Officiant Style: Civil, Religious, Non-Religious, Spiritual, Interfaith, LGBTQ

Price: $200+

Location: 5843 Fremont St, Oakland, CA 94608

Phone: (510) 594-1585

Facebook: Ceremonies For Sacred Days

Profile: Ceremonies For Sacred Days

Contact : Shyamala Littlefield

When you hire Heartfelt Weddings to officiate over your wedding ceremony, you will be assured professionalism and dedication to the craft. You will have a choice of either Larry or Kathy Wilkerson to preside over your wedding. This husband and wife team have been performing wedding ceremonies for over two decades and offer services for a myriad of religions, cultures, backgrounds and faiths. They are happy to honor the commitment between any two people committed to forging a lifetime of love together.

Officiant Style: Civil, Non-Religious, Interfaith, LGBTQ

Price: $395+

Location: San Francisco, CA 94102

Phone: (415) 506-4916

Facebook: Heartfelt Weddings

Profile: Heartfelt Weddings

Contact : Kathy & Larry Wilkerson

Golden Gate Weddings is one of the lead wedding officiants in San Francisco as Reverend Don Narin has a gift for designing ceremonies that you and your guests will remember for decades to come. He can incorporate a sense of spirituality that will suit most couples’ definition of faith. At the same time, his enthusiasm for celebrating the love you share is evident in his warmth and charm. Rev. Don has a real passion for presiding over weddings and will be happy to create a personalized, touching ceremony just for you.

Officiant Style: Religious, Spiritual, Interfaith, LGBTQ

Price: $450+

Location: 282 Funston Ave, San Francisco, CA 94118

Phone: (415) 728-1135

Facebook: Golden Gate Weddings

Contact : Reverend Don Narin

Reverend Timothy Mills is one of our utmost favorite wedding officiants in San Francisco. If you are after an officiant with experience, then look no further since Rev. Mills has been presiding over weddings for over thirty years and has clocked up over 3000 weddings! Nevertheless, you can be assured that each wedding ceremony will be tailored to you as a couple as he brings forth the formality, dignity, and emotion that an outstanding service encompasses while his light humor will keep your guests savoring every word.

Officiant Style: Civil, Religious, Non-Religious, Interfaith

Price: Upon Request

Location: 901 Waterford Place, Pinole CA 94564

Phone: (510) 724-5250

Linkedin: Reverend Timothy Mills

Profile: Reverend Timothy Mills

Contact : Rev. Timothy Mills

Lauren Snead has found her calling to officiate weddings and start couples off on their journey through life together in a fun-loving, spontaneous, and sincere way. Don’t expect dull or the norm if you intend to hire Lauren, but you can anticipate a heartfelt ceremony that is engaging and meaningful and celebrates your unique love.  She has been performing wedding services for over ten years, but we expect to see Lauren Snead as one of the most sought-after wedding officiants in the San Francisco Bay Area for many decades to come.

Officiant Style: Civil, Non-Religious, Interfaith, LGBTQ

Price: Upon Request

Location: San Francisco, CA, 94129

Phone: (207) 614-7371

Instagram: Lauren Snead Wedding Officiant

Profile: Lauren Snead Wedding Officiant

Contact : Lauren Snead

Sarah Oswald of Lead Your Love Life is a life coach and dedicated wedding officiant. She understands the commitment that you are making to one another and offers acclaimed premarital counseling services to ensure you start your journey together along the same path. She is passionate about creating services that lead to satisfying and successful marriages.

Officiant Style: Civil, Non-Religious, Interfaith, Spiritual, LGBTQ

Price: $500+

Location: 344 20th Street, Oakland, CA 94610

Phone: (917) 520-5780

Facebook: Lead Your Love Life

Profile: Lead Your Love Life

Contact : Sarah Oswald

Officially Hitched has been in the officiating business for only a few years. However, their professionalism, charm, and ability to collaborate on designing authentic and personalized ceremonies have meant that there is no doubt why they are now one of the top wedding officiants in San Francisco. Rachel Tanner is the CEO and lead officiant, and then there are a further five diverse officiants that work with Officially Hitched. Whether you are eloping or having a micro wedding or a lavish event, these officiants will start your marital journey on the right foot.

Officiant Style: Religious, Non-Religious, Interfaith, LGBTQ

Price: $425+

Location: PO Box 420970, San Francisco, CA 94142

Phone: (628) 400-2684

Facebook: Officially Hitched

Profile: Officially Hitched

Contact : Rachel Tanner

There is a reason that Ema Drouillard is so often sought after for her officiating skills. She has a fantastic way of creatively expressing your joy and the journey you and your partner took to get to your wedding day. You won’t have a worry in the world if you put your trust in My SF Wedding to design a personalized ceremony that will bring a smile, and a tear, to all of your guests.

Officiant Style: Civil, Religious, Non-Religious, Interfaith, Spiritual, LGBTQ

Price: Upon Request

Location: Emeryville, CA

Phone: (415) 302-0444

Facebook: My SF Wedding

Profile: My SF Wedding

Contact : Ema Drouillard

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Choosing San Francisco for your wedding location provides for stunning backgrounds and iconic places of interest to keep your guests entertained. In the midst of planning your wedding, sometimes choosing an officiant gets swept away in the excitement of planning your party, but we would like you to take a step back and ensure that you find an officiant that fits your sense of commitment and spirituality to ensure your day is as special as can be.

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