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Hi, I’m Callie and I’m the face behind the magic.

As a modern bohemian florist, I feel most at home with the wild things. I was born to design outside the lines of the flower norm, and to push boundaries. Seeing the beauty of Creation around me is what inspires me to make magic + to share it with you.

I have been designing since twenty-fifteen. The flower world fell into my lap, and it opened my eyes to the talent hiding inside me.

My motto: my blooms are designed to be experienced, rather than observed. Meaning, I live each day yearning to keep my hands moving + using my talents. It is why I believe that my designs are truly wyld — I never stop designing (or dreaming), so there are no limitations to where my imaginations can go.

Join my journey. Let’s create floral magic together!

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Callie Salmon


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