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Wildflower Cakes is a Denver, CO based cake studio specializing in custom designed luxury wedding and event cakes. At our essence, we make two kinds of cakes:

We make cakes for those customers who know exactly what they want, and we pride ourselves on executing those ideas.

We also know from experience that creating a custom cake may be overwhelming and time consuming, potentially leading to an underwhelming, expensive, sugary disappointment. Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Because we are a full service cake studio, we know and love the whole process around making beautiful and creative cakes and invite you to only be as involved in the process as you desire. We strive to make working with us like working with a friend; we have your best interests in mind.

Our custom designed cakes range from traditional wedding cakes to one of a kind birthday creations and other celebrations including corporate events and fashion editorials. We take pride in using local and organic ingredients whenever possible, as well as sourcing the finest international ingredients.

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Moriah	 Michelle


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  • Allison S
    Allison S wrote a review August 19, 2022
    Ghosted One Month Before Wedding

    I would LOVE to give Moriah zero stars.

    We secured Wildflower as the baker for our 2020 wedding, which was rescheduled as soon as Denver entered lo...ck-down. Her services had been paid for.

    While working with her, she was kind, attentive, professional, and her cakes tasted lovely.

    We have just found out today, less than ONE MONTH from our wedding, that Moriah is “taking a break” from the industry, will not be fulfilling our contract, and WILL NOT BE REIMBURSING OUR PAY. She would have literally ghosted our wedding had my planner not gone out of her way to get ahold of her.

    She told our planner that the money was to secure the date - but if you’ve stopped your business in totality, then you haven’t risked losing out on availability. We were paid in full.

    Absolutely disgusted and now without a cake.

    Date of wedding: 09-18-2022

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