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Hi! I’m Sam, and I can’t wait to help you spend your special day focusing on your special person and the love you share.

I was definitely one of those little girls who always dreamed of finding prince charming and having a beautiful wedding in a beautiful dress. Of course my little girl heart also dreamed of a million puppies in attendance and my desserts being 30 feet tall, but one thing was for sure, I loved and continue to love: weddings. On the day of my wedding, I wanted to focus on one thing: my husband and loving him. I did not want to focus on the caterer losing our dessert or Aunt Tina bringing a date when she definitely did not rsvp for one (both true bride’s stories). Thankfully, I had a day-of coordinator who took care of everything seamlessly and I didn’t even find out about anything like that until it was something to laugh about the next day.

After that, I kept up with it and found other brides who were just as excited to marry their best friend as I was. As a self-proclaimed Queen of Organization, I found that I had a flair for it! Bringing together all of the details and organizing it in a smooth fashion is a fun process and we want our clients to feel that way pulling together their event. Your wedding is not about hair-pulling and stress, its about marrying your person! So here I am today, ready to serve you and bring you the experience that every bride dreams of.

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