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Where to Start launched in 1991. Gwen’s corporate world experience taught her the management skills she needed to work with multiple vendors and get the best for her clients. Her broadcasting and theater studies in college helped frame how she sees weddings, playing an important and unique role in event production.

Gwen loves getting to know her clients. Her client’s unique stories mean so much to her, and she’s genuinely interested in learning what makes her couples and their guests truly happy. She believes that knowing what you love about life and about each other is the most important aspect to creating a meaningful wedding. As you share your dreams and unique story with Gwen, she gathers the knowledge she needs to help you refine your ideas and create the wedding celebration you and your guests will truly love.

Gwen’s story is simple. Gwen meets engaged couples. Gwen helps make couples’ dream wedding a reality. And everyone lives happily ever after.

“Thank you for the privilege of helping you to create your dream wedding.”

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Gwen Semenero Helbush


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