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Vow of the Wild


We’re Lisa + Alex

Your Friendly Neighborhood Introverts and Your Elopement Team

Lisa will drop everything she’s doing to tell you there’s a dog nearby. She’s always been the quiet one, but she’ll be the first to say something if she sees someone being mistreated. Alex once fell asleep on the shoulder of a stranger on an airplane, and Lisa didn’t tell him for 2 years.

Alex is currently perfecting his Italian recipes, even after discovering he’s only 1.5% Italian. He’s also grossly in touch with his feelings, and often the go-to friend for putting things into perspective. Alex once petted a cat and it immediately threw up. Lisa will never let him live that moment down.

We were both born and raised in Colorado and grew up with a deep appreciation for the mountains.

Our love story started on the internet. This was probably for the best as we never would’ve been brave enough to approach each other in real life. We can usually be found eating any dish involving noodles, befriending your dog, and creeping people out because we’ve slowly morphed into the same human over the years. We live just outside of Denver, Colorado with our little adventure-loving chihuahua, Poppy.

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