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I believe it’s incredibly important to invest in high-quality photos of yourself. And not only is a professional photo shoot one of the best investments in yourself you can make; it’s also one of the best acts of self-love you can do. That’s what the Vivid Instincts Photography brand is all about. No matter how difficult life may get—say, if a global pandemic ever were to hit, for example—or how much things change, your boudoir or wedding album is something you’ll always be able to look back on and be reminded of the strong, radiant, beautiful badass that you are. And that—your unique essence captured forever in a beautiful piece of art—is priceless.

Vendor Profile - Ari Leo

Ari Leo

Think of me as your hype girl, creative guide, and fierce self-love advocate. I want you to have photos that make you feel AMAZING about yourself when you look back at them—the kind of photos that instantly give you a mood boost *and* a confidence boost. I believe you are a work of art, and you deserve to be captured as such! And I'm so excited to capture your unique essence.


Definitely. Let’s be real, your partner probably hypes you up and celebrates you more than you do yourself. They love you for exactly who you are—so imagine how much they will cherish a collection of gorgeous photos of you that show exactly that! With all that said, though, boudoir doesn’t *have* to be done only as a gift for your significant other. You can totally do it just for yourself!
Not necessarily. This largely depends on your photographer’s particular style and approach, as well as your specific goals. Some Massachusetts boudoir photographers focus on capturing very sex-forward images, while others lean more toward the soft, sensual side. My work strikes a balance between these two styles. I love adding a few implied nude shots to my sessions (as long as you are comfortable with this, of course), but at the end of the day, boudoir as a genre is all about making you feel gorgeous and empowered on every level.
This also depends on the photographer and their specific approach. Boudoir may seem pricey, but there is a lot that goes into giving you an incredible experience that you’ll cherish forever. Hair, makeup, studio space, and the cost of producing a beautiful album all factor into the final price. I think of it as being very similar to the pricing of other businesses that provide self-pampering type services, like tattoo artists and hairstylists: it’s all about the type of experience you want. At the end of the day, your boudoir album is something you’ll always be able to look back on and be reminded of the strong, radiant, beautiful badass that you are. And that—your unique essence captured forever in a beautiful piece of art—is priceless.
Nope—not the way I see it, anyway. Boudoir is for anyone who wants to feel empowered and more confident in their own skin. While the vast majority of my clients are women, I am 100% welcoming of all genders.
Not at all! Part of my job as a boudoir photographer is to guide you through everything, including posing. In addition to cheering you on, I will coach you and demonstrate the more challenging poses so that you can absolutely SLAY your session and feel your confidence soar when you see your images.


4 Reviews for Vivid Instincts Photography

  • Julia F
    Julia F wrote a review August 3, 2022
    Do it!! Trust me!!

    “During the photo shoot I had a blast! I could see my look coming to life and I felt more and more beautiful and confident as everything came I was completely blown away when I saw what I looked like. I honestly couldn't believe it was me I saw in the mirror. I hadn't ever felt so good about myself. I still feel good about myself. That "oh my God I can't believe this is me" confidence gave me a bounce in my step and still does from time to time. I can't choose a favorite part because I loved every second of it. My top 2 favorite parts of the shoot would have to be "the reveal" (seeing yourself completely done and dressed) and posing for the photos. I still feel like a work of art.

    I absolutely loved working with Ari. She's very nice and a lot of fun!! She never made me feel uncomfortable, even asked permission to touch me before helping me go into a pose. She is absolutely someone that deserves to be in this profession. Whether you're new to this or returning Ari is great at all types of photography in general. All you need to know if you're considering Ari is get ready to have a great time!

    After I saw my images I was speechless. I still couldn't believe I was looking at myself. My confidence went through the roof and I still feel better about myself. I wear the crop tops and shorts with no shame!! Everyone around me noticed the mood change. I love the reactions a few close people to me had. I haven't shown my fiancé yet because I plan on gifting these to him on our wedding night but I'm sure when he sees them he will love them too!”

    Date of wedding: 10-07-2022

  • Jeannine D
    Jeannine D wrote a review July 20, 2022
    My 1st boudoir was amazing

    “Had an amazing time with Ari. This was my first boudoir shoot and I was a little nervous but she helped ease the nerves away and it went awesome.”

    Date of wedding: 07-22-2022

  • Haylee  H
    Haylee H wrote a review July 20, 2022
    My amazing experience

    "I had such an amazing experience with Ari of Vivid Instincts Photography!! She made everything feel so natural and beautiful. Im in love with all my and my whole experience overall!! I would 1000% recommend Ari to anyone who asked me about doing a Boudoir shoot or any of her awesome sessions that she offers!!"

    Date of wedding: 07-20-2022

  • Mary T
    Mary T wrote a review July 20, 2022
    An experience to remember!!

    "Ari made my experience so amazing! I had never done a boudoir shoot before and was a little nervous going into it, but I promise it is worth it! Ari ...was welcoming and a great hype woman! This is going to be the gift to my future husband for our wedding and I cannot wait to see his reaction when he opens it! Highly recommend!!"

    Date of wedding: 09-09-2022

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