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I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer with a deep passion for creating beautiful and happy imagery. I am a people’s photographer, aka “an ultimate portrait photographer” and I strive to capture every client at their best or better.

That’s why I have a narrative approach to the wedding photography and I carefully craft that “perfect shot”. And that demands some preparation. While there are, of course, some things that I capture in documentary way, like an actual ceremony or some reception events, all other times I am guiding and helping my clients, their wedding party, families and wedding planners through out the wedding day to make sure my bride and groom are getting the best photography coverage possible.

So, yes, I do pose my clients to make sure they are captured the most flattering way possible. I am also guilty in staging the details shots and asking bridesmaids to pick up their clothing from the floor to make sure there is no clutter on the background while, say, I’m photographing bride putting her veil on.

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