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We are proud to say most of our clients become friends because making connections and building relationships are at the heart of what we do. Your session will be fun! And we will take care of you on your wedding day. We are patient and always have a smile…

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Howie and Lola Goldberg

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We are Lola and Howie, husband and wife team bringing you Timeless Photography - Tampa, a Luxury wedding and engagement photography company in Tampa, Florida. but willing to go anywhere to document love! We strive to photograph stunning, high end wedding photography of you and the scenic wedding location of your choice in full dramatic and brilliant color.
Our beginnings in commercial landscape photography gives us an keen eye for details. Timeless Photography LLC will bring out the best in your rustic country landscape, exciting city nightscape, or any wedding venue of your choice, in order to create breathtaking images of your relationship and family on your wedding day.
Timeless Photography - Tampa is the premier wedding photographer in Tampa, Orlando, Hernando, Pasco and Pinellas counties.


Candid, journalistic, colorful, unobtrusive. Our beginnings and passion as landscape photographers define our style. You choose your venue because of its beautiful views. You pick your colors and decoration because they speak to you. Then why have washed out pastel looking colors? You know the sky is blue, why does it look white in your photos? and you know your red flowers are red, why would you want to make them pink? Well, we love color and we love your details and the beautiful sky or dramatic stormy clouds on your wedding day. That's real! ​ We do the usual posed photos because there is always that auntie that loves to see everybody lined up smiling looking at the camera. And of course we will stop by every table to make sure you remember who attended. But we do capture your day as it unfolds, whether it is a family session or a 10-hour wedding. We stay out of the way so you and your guests can enjoy your time and we will be capturing everything so you see what is happening where you can't be.
Of course! We want to make you happy and we want to ensure we capture everything you want. We also encourage you let us know all your ideas so we can try to recreate any pose you have in mind.
Because we will take care of of you as if you were family. We will help you craft a timeline that allows your day to be your day, just how you want it. Because we will be there for you as a resource with almost 10 years of experience. Because weddings can be stressful and overwhelming, and we will be right with you the entire time - we promise! ​ We will be your problem-solver, family-wrangler, advocate and help ensure that your day is exactly what you want, captured as beautifully as you deserve. We will be your eyes on your day, so that you can focus on the amazing gathering of everyone you love best in the world and trust that your photography is in extremely skilled hands. ​ If it rains, if it snows, if it gets dark early, if your venue is unexpectedly covered in scaffolding, if hair and makeup run late, if we get stuck in traffic, we got you and your images will still be amazing. Our job is to take great photos for you, but also to help remove all the stress form your wedding day so that you can enjoy it completely
Yes! Although we are photographers and specialize in only that, we do partner with a fantastic videographer Rob Chiola to offer our clients the best pricing in cinematic videography and stunning photography. See our Photo/Video package in our INVESTMENT page.
We master low light photography. Absolutely! you can see samples in our website or request samples. Almost all our shoots are either during the evening or night hours. If a photographer tells you they only specialize in natural light photography, chances are they can't shoot in low light.



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