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  • Teri T
    Teri T wrote a review March 10, 2022
    …find a different venue

    It’s hard to express into words how terribly upset I am about this venue. Back in August of 2021 I contacted the Skeleton Root to check out the venu...e. Kate quickly replied and we set up a meeting. We loved it. It was everything that we wanted. I had major surgery coming up so I emailed her and told her that we loved the venue and wanted to book but had to get back with her the following month. September rolls around and I email Kate and say that I'm ready to book the date and that I have the money ready. She again replies relatively quickly again on Sept 25th. We made sure that the date was available and figured out all the details needed. The next email that I should have received was the contract... but I received nothing. We were quite literally in the middle of our email exchange and conversation that was ongoing that same day, and she ghosted me. I have called, emailed, DM'd on Facebook and Instagram. They ended up deleting any comments that I made asking about when they were going to respond to event inquiries. They FINALLY privately messaged me on December 10th through Facebook that they will be following up to emails after the holidays and apologized for the delay saying they had been busy working the winery. Now I 100% understand that times are rough right now. And I feel that I have been MORE than patient, after all its now going into 6 MONTHS with no response. My wedding was supposed to be this October.... I don't understand why if they didn't want to do business with me they didn't just say so. I had all my vendors lined up and every detail planned. I now have zero plans for my wedding. The Skeleton Root was everything I had envisioned my wedding to be. It's such a unique and beautiful venue. I do not have any family so I was wanting a small intimate wedding and this fit the bill. I cant express enough how horribly I think they handled this situation. And to be honest I cant help but take it personally at this point. I truly hope that this did not happen to anyone else. Getting engaged and planning your wedding should be a happy and joyous time. However, this has been quite the opposite. After waiting 6 months I think its time to waive the white flag let go of all the plans and the dress and just go to the court house. Good luck to anyone willing to gamble with this venue.

    Date of wedding: 10-30-2022

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