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I am honored that you are considering me to be your Wedding Minister! What a privilege it would be for me to unite the two of you in marriage! I believe your wedding needs to be all about the two of you becoming ONE and want you both to enjoy every minute of this amazing moment in time! Because you are considering me to be “The Knot Tyer”, I want to let you know who I am and what I will do for you. I am all about weddings!

I am a Christian Minister of 37+ years and have officiated many weddings throughout the years. I have been married for 36 years to my beautiful wife, Anna. We have three boys. My goal is to be there for you in any way that meets your needs. I want to make YOUR day as special as possible!

I believe each wedding needs to be just the way the couple wants it to be. I am very open to changing up the services from traditional to contemporary ceremonies. I will help you create the ceremony of your dreams! You are welcome to choose your own vows, readings and traditions. You are free to include your family and or friends if you so desire. I love to help couples put their signature on their wedding! Your wedding will be special and meaningful!

I truly love people and will do everything I can to make you, as a couple, and everyone else comfortable and relaxed during the ceremony. I can be as serious or as light hearted as you feel the occasion calls for. I absolutely love weddings and will do all I can to create an environment of joy and love! There are not many things in this life more memorable than the day two become one!

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Scott Payne


From $175 to $400+ check out my website or email me and I will send my pricing info.
I am available any day of the week and any time of day! Reach out to me and if I am not booked, I have other AMAZING REAL Ministers on The Knot Tyer Wedding Minister Team so, I have your back one way or the other! :)
Yes! We have The Knot Tyer Wedding Package that has AMAZING choices for you two to consider regarding your ceremony. We want your ceremony to be something you both and your guests will cherish!
it doesn't matter where you live or where the ceremony site will be you can get your marriage license in any county in the state of Texas. Every County clerk's office has marriage license looks different so you might as well get the one you like! :-) You must get your license within 90 days of the wedding Date and there is a 72-hour waiting period from the time you get your license until the day of the wedding. if you're military or have taken the Together In Texas Marriage Course, the 72-hour waiting period Is waived.
Most of the time I wear a black double-breasted suit with gold buttons with a white shirt and black tie which really looks nice but I have many different Tuxedos and different colored suits to choose from. I will wear whatever you want me to wear and if you want to bring me a tie I will wear it. I love getting new ties! :)



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