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The Kenneys Photography started in 2008 when a young couple straight of college – Savannah and Philip – got married and decided to go all in on their shared love of photography. Yep…2008… when there was a massive recession. But they were young, in love, and naive enough to pull it off. They did it because, from day one, they both were passionate about giving couples original photography that would be creatively stunning and authentic to the couple’s relationship. Coupled with their unrelenting desire for giving the best service and products, they have created a unique approach to wedding photography that is beautiful, intentional, and meaningful for their couples.

And now, The Kenneys Photography has grown into a small team of three photographers with the addition of Amy Dale. Amy has been photographing weddings with her own successful business for over a decade, and in 2020 they all decided to partner together. She shares Savannah and Philip’s passion for making creative and genuine photography, and her uplifting personality was the perfect addition to the studio family. So whether you hire Savannah and Philip as your wedding photographers or hire Amy, you will get the same vision, values, and experience!

All together the studio has over 30 years experience in wedding photography. They have always admired each other’s skills (they’ve photographed each other’s families for years now!), and are friends trying to bring the best wedding photography experience they can to engaged couples.

Vendor Profile - Philip & Savannah

Philip & Savannah


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