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  • 2565 W Camino del Grijalva Tucson, AZ, US 85742
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Hi, I’m Tara!

I am a wedding photographer based in sunny Tucson, Arizona. Though I primarily shoot in Arizona and along the west coast,

I love to travel! I am a former Midwest girl from Iowa but my love for the desert has reigned supreme! I love Haagen Daz Ice cream, exploring mom and pop restaurants, and I love being in nature so for me hiking and trail running is my idea of fun I have a 2 beautiful children and being a mom is one of the most wonderful blessings!

I believe my photography style combines two worlds to create a timeless and soft candid look. I find myself thriving in the unplanned, creative territories that you can’t map out.

I love candidly capturing the laughter and fun of getting ready and I love snapping away at all the little details a couple would ordinarily miss out on during the course of a day. My goal is to always find and capture the natural moments infused with real emotion.

If I had to describe my style I would say I am a storyteller who wants to create art for my couples to cherish for years to come.

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Tara Leinen
  • 2565 W Camino del Grijalva Tucson, AZ, US 85742
  • 520-343-2385


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