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Troy was born and raised in Nashville, near Radnor Lake. Growing up he spent much of his time with friends, playing in the woods surrounding his home. It was during these early years that his appreciation for organic nature and flowers first began to develop. Troy remembers fondly the early lessons from an elderly neighbor who taught him how to make floral arrangements, using flowers from her garden and from the surrounding woods. While he would eventually choose a career in real estate for fifteen years, these lessons in floral designs from his neighbor remained close to his heart.

Fast forward to the present and Troy not only is a creative floral designer, but also the two ­time winners of the International Holiday Christmas Tree Decorating Contest sponsored by the Holiday and Decorative Association. However, Troy has expanded far beyond just Christmas. His work includes a wide breadth of holidays and events, ranging from Halloween to Mardi Gras, to fundraisers, and weddings and with every design he completes, Troy becomes more certain that he is doing exactly what he was meant to do.

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