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Hi! I’m Shelby,

I’ve never been great at describing who I am, but I’d love to know about you, so its only fair that I spill the beans! Here goes nothin’! I grew up in Bartlett TN, and loved what most girls probably do; art, movies and the occasional monster truck show with Dad. I fell in love with photographing everything at 6 years old when my Grandma bought me my first barbie camera. (Yes, it was pink, and it shot 35mm film. So you can almost say I was a hipster photographer before I went on to be a pro. I don’t look good in fedoras though.) I was studying Photography and marketing at the University of Memphis when I met my love of my life and partner Rick. We’ve been together for years now, and we’re never looking back! 80’s pop is what I’m usually listening to when I’m editing our photos, and usually by 10 am I’ve had a few cups of coffee. And by a few, I mean a whole pot. I’m a Venti White peppermint mocha kind of girl, but don’t let that fool you; My winters are usually spent finding a new trails to hike, probably because it’s too cold to wake board on the lake! I find home in the untamed wild with a flannel blanket and a stack of romance novels. Guilty pleasures!

Weddings are my second passion to photography. Seriously, if I wasn’t a photographer I’d be a coordinator or planner. Every little detail from the lace in your dress, to the tears of joy from your groom when you walk down the aisle is what I breathe for (Well, besides coffee). I wouldn’t choose any other path for me. I’d always choose to be your photographer.

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