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Shirrell Beauty is a professional hairstyling and makeup service based in Northern California. Leslie Tong, founder and lead stylist for Shirrell Beauty, began the business out of her love for makeup and beauty products and her passion for inspiring women of all ages to feel good about themselves.

“I love helping women feel good about themselves by doing their hair and makeup. And I especially love seeing their self-esteem blossom because of it. Moreover, I am incredibly honored to be part of the most memorable moments in their lives, from high school proms to weddings and special holiday occasions.”
– Leslie Tong

The mission of Shirrell Beauty is to make you look like “you” at your best on your special day. We do this by working closely with you so that your hair and makeup match your unique personality and style. We know you’ll be delighted to see yourself looking your very best.

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Leslie Tong


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