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Just a few years ago, you would have found me wearing a blue uniform, black heels, a pair of wings, and saying “Welcome Aboard” the moment you stepped on to the aircraft. I thought I was living my dream career, but that dream turned into a nightmare with just one ruptured eardrum.

One Christmas, I received a $400 Nikon camera (Best Christmas present ever!) Little did I know, that camera and my desire to tell stories with my images would be my one-way ticket (See what I did there, hehe) out of being a Professional Diet-Coke pourer and my office at 30,000ft. Who would have thought that one camera would have led me to my passion to create unforgettable experiences. Some days you’ll find me cuddling fur babies, in my leggings or seeking an adventure by exploring an unknown places.


My photography style is raw, unique, and original. I’ll do anything to make you laugh (I feel like a comedian at heart) and I promise I wont make you close your eyes and put your forehands together. I make it simple for you, keep it light, and focused on those candid moments that naturally occur.

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  • Kendra P
    Kendra P wrote a review August 13, 2021
    If I could give negative stars…

    DO NOT HIRE UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE STRESSED, DISRESPECTED, IGNORED, AND DISAPPOINTED. First, I would like to begin by saying that I was a Covid-bride a...nd although that was stressful in itself, the only vendor that caused me the most anxiety and stress was with our photographer (Becca Gutierrez, Rusty Metals Photography,). I hired Becca because I found her on the Knot’s Best Photographer list and initially I loved her. She had such a sweet and bubbly personality, plus she was willing to work with our budget but still give us what we needed. However, since Becca required the money to be paid in monthly installments leading up to the wedding (and due to Covid-19 we had to postpone our first wedding), what I unfortunately learned was that as soon as she received all of her money, she was MIA. I am not even going to address the issues we had leading up to the wedding because what took place following the wedding should never happen to ANY bride and groom. Honestly, if i could go back in time I would have taken the loss on the deposit and hired a new photographer. There were definitely red flags, but because weddings are expensive, I decided to power through and unfortunately I will FOREVER regret this decision.
    Becca told us on April 9, 2021 we would have sneak peek photos by Sunday, April 11, 2021.
    We did not hear from her and so we reached out on May 2, 2021 via instagram to see if we had any sneak peaks we could see.
    As of June 9th, the photos were due based on the contract. Over the weeks leading up to this date, we called, emailed, instagram messaged her and received no response. On June 14th I reached out for the 5th time stating I wanted photos for Father’s Day and just wanted an update. I received no response.
    On June 18, 2021 we threatened to sue her if she did not turn over the pictures and demanded some kind of response. She responded that day stating some of our files had been lost and she was waiting on Data Doctors to let us know if they had been recovered. They had been recovered and she was “finishing editing them” and sent them later that night.
    Upon arrival of the photos, we found many shadows and green blurs in the photos. We asked her to “re-edit” some and she responded absolutely, she just needed me to “like” the photos I wanted to be fixed. I did this on the same day and assumed she would fix the photos over the next few weeks.
    We still had not heard from her as of July 22nd so we reached out again. We had to threaten to sue her again since this is the only time she responds. She said she created a “re-edit” folder and when we looked at the folder she had dumped all the same photos in it with green blurs. After we screen-shot the green blurs and sent them back to her asking if she could see them, she never responded. We waited a week, assuming she was fixing them, but came to realize on July 30th she had blocked us on all social media.

    The good part is we received photos. The bad part is they do not exhibit her full capabilities as a photographer and she does not care as a professional to acknowledge our feelings as clients. If you look at my profile picture you can get a glimpse of what a majority of our photos looked like in regards to blurs and bad lighting calls.

    Date of wedding: 04-09-2021

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