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In 2013, Roobina’s Cake was born from a pure passion and joy for the work and art, right from Roobina’s home kitchen. That passion quickly turned into a hobby. That hobby soon turned into Roobina’s talent. That talent eventually gave birth to a store with a slightly larger kitchen. And out of that kitchen, Roobina’s Cake became the delectable delight of cake lovers throughout the Southern California.

Today, we share our irresistible passion with customers just like you. We still believe your day deserves nothing short of the best. When your eyes light up after tasting our delicious cake on the tip of your tongue we get butterflies in our stomach. Nothing gives us more of a sense of purpose than seeing you smile and laugh while chowing down on one of our famous cakes. Knowing we played a special part in your very special day is all the thanks we ever need.

We love making cakes, but it’s your happiness and satisfaction that drives us every day.

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