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Hi. I’m Leif Nielsen (it’s Norwegian for those wondering). My wife Kristen and I met in the news industry. When Kristen and I first started dating, we knew a few things for certain. We liked working with each other, we were passionate about quality storytelling, and we believed in the power of pictures. As our relationship grew deeper, so did our desire to do something with our skills that would benefit others. After years as a photojournalist, I wanted more. We transitioned from telling news stories to love stories, and we couldn’t be happier, because really, those are the best stories to tell.

We are a wedding and lifestyle photography and videography team based in Rochester, NY. With more than 10 years of experience working as photojournalists and 10 years as Rochester wedding photographers and videographers, we have a unique style and ability to tell stories through images in a natural, unobtrusive and journalistic approach. Our passion is to capture your story so that you can re-live all of the emotions of the most important moments in your life over and over.

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