Reverend Timothy Mills


Reverend Timothy Mills, M.Div, Th.M, M.Phil, Ph.D
Ordained minister, church pastor, addiction counselor, academic. Former ancient Hebrew and Greek professor. Broad experience with Christian and Jewish ceremonies (fluent in Hebrew) as well as Persian and Indian. Most couples he serves are non-religious. 30 years experience at over 800 Bay Area venues (Sacramento, Tahoe, Carmel and Malibu, too). Brings to ceremonies a strong sense of dignity but also great humor. Experienced, professional, versatile, accommodating. Known especially for his quality voice. Ceremonies are constructed and personalized according to the style and personality of the couple.

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Timothy Mills

Experienced Bay Area officiant. Over 3000 weddings at 800 plus venues or locations. E-mail or text. Conversation begins with a cover letter and sample ceremony followed by a (no obligation) phone conversation or meeting in person, whatever the preference. Known for great humor, quality voice, engaging presence, professional approach, quick response to e-mails or texts, moderate fees. Never lost or late, confused or anxious. Has a clear sense for what makes a ceremony memorable (and is patient to lay out a clear strategy for exactly that) but also accommodating of ideas and direction from the couple. Knows how to achieve great emotional quality even in adverse conditions (100 degrees, guests are hungry, bride is late, mom is bossy, uncle is drunk, groomsmen are lost, baby is crying, mic doesn't work). Above all, Reverend Tim is always happy to be at a wedding and the guests can tell!


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