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Price Range $1250 - $4000


I’m rachel. warm |joyful | authentic.

follower of jesus, dunkin’ donuts aficionado, mom of 3, crazy cat + chicken lady, lover of all things harry potter + the office. while i am vastly more complicated than these things, I feel very strongly that chickens and “that’s what she said” jokes do a good job of generally describing my “vibe”. good or bad, the chickens and jokes are here to stay.

i am *not* a crier. except for weddings and baptisms. i cry at basically every wedding. it’s true. i tear up during every wedding i photograph, because love is just too sweet not to feel it when you’re witnessing such a dedication as marriage.

i photograph weddings because i love the energy they bring. the wedding in the parent’s backyard with 10 people in attendance, the secret elopement overlooking a river, the glitz-n-glam wedding with 500+ in attendance.. i love the excitement, the romance, the laughter, the stolen smiles between the bride and groom. i love capturing one of the only things that moves my heart to tears from the joy it brings!

i want to give you an experience that will be seamless, enjoyable, stress-free + fun! what. fun on your wedding day? yeah, call me old-fashioned, but I think your wedding day should be stress free + crazy, super-amazingly fun. you deserve to worry about less and laugh more on your wedding day, and that is the lasting gift I want to give to you; Not just beautiful images, but an experience that you *actually* really enjoy!

Vendor Profile - Rachel Tanner

Rachel Tanner


8 Hour Package


  • 8 Hours
  • Raw Photos: 1500+
  • No. of Photographers: 2
  • Delivery in: 4 to 8 Weeks
  • Delivery Mode: USB, Online gallery
  • All the best images are edited in my signature style in color + black and white, in high resolution.
  • A one hour engagement session with all the best images
  • 2nd shooter coverage for the entire day to ensure a multitude of amazing moments + angle captured
  • Custom day of wedding timeline to ensure on-time schedule and no photography opportunities missed.
  • Preferred vendors list of my favorite local vendors


I do! Not only do I offer them, I super duper crazy yes please encourage them! The engagement session is an important part of us getting to know each other, me learning more about your relationship and who you are so I can better serve you, and for us to practice some practical things like the dip-kiss!
UHM YEAH! Traveling for a wedding is a huge treat and something I LOVE to do! I will absolutely travel just about anywhere in the world to shoot a wedding, so don't keep me here in Maryland if you don't have to, take me with you!
I do! I have an amazing second shooter who always works with me exclusively, so she is trained and experienced with my way of shooting, posing and interacting with my clients and their guests. She does SO much more than do getting ready photos for one party while I am doing the other. She gets all kinds of angles I don't think to get when I'm doing the main shooting, she has her own creative eye and her images add SO much to every clients portfolio. She is truly a huge benefit to every client she works with me for!
Absolutely. I never want a bride or groom to miss out on exquisite photos on their wedding day because I have been injured beyond working, become to ill to work or had a serious emergency to prevent me from attending. My second shoot and amazing assistant Erin has been personally trained by me to pose, shoot and navigate with clients and their guests exactly as I do. In the event that I am unable to make the wedding due to a true and serious emergency, Erin takes over for me on the day of the wedding and I do all the rest of the editing and delivery process.
I do! I believe everyone regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation or who they love deserves to have amazing photographs on their wedding day!


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