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“I have found the one that my soul loves.” -Song of Songs
Planning a wedding is an exciting time. You have found the person who whom you will spend a lifetime. You spend months preparing for the biggest event of your lives thus far. Friends and family from every aspect and era of your lives will gather to celebrate with you. You want every detail of your wedding to be perfect- the venue, the flowers, the dress, the music.

At the heart of the wedding is the ceremony.

How do you create a ceremony that celebrates your unique relationship? That expresses your most treasured values?
How do you prepare for the wedding day and plan thoughtfully and lovingly for the marriage that follows?
How do you create space to connect with each other amidst all of the details of planning an event?
As a rabbi and teacher of mindfulness meditation, these are the questions that are in my heart and mind as we work together.

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